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Upstream Indie: "Dreamin’ is perfectly complimented by Lazar’s beautiful singing."

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Dreamin’ is the band’s latest release, which has also been accompanied by a newly released music video. As their second single, Dreamin’ is set to gain significant momentum on the online music space. Dreamin’ is written about a small-town girl with ‘big-city dreams.’ Dealing with themes of loneliness, infidelity, and restlessness, Dreamin’ has a thoughtful and overall pensive overarching theme, set to the backdrop of a typical modern, rock musical soundscape.

The sincere lyrics of Dreamin’ is perfectly complimented by Lazar’s beautiful singing that displays the emotion of the song in a great light. The musical conversation between the delicate piano and the rock and roll guitar shows how creative this band really is.


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