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Planet Singer - “Undeniably one of the best albums of 2023.”

Updated: Mar 25

We have been waiting for quite a long time for this moment, and finally, TWOFEW's full-length release is OUT NOW!

The contemporary rock music panorama is becoming an overcrowded and overloaded scene where many acts prioritize the quantity of their releases instead of focusing on the quality of the music they put out. Sometimes though, we have the pleasure of discovering some hidden gems, a band that blends innovation and authenticity. 

In our search for meaningful releases, the spotlight turns to Phoenix, Arizona, where the piano-rock quartet TWOFEW has left an indelible mark with their album, “LIPS BLUE,” a collection of nine soul-stirring tracks, this album not only solidifies TWOFEW’s position as a musical force in the contemporary and international Rock panorama but also stands, without a doubt, as one of the best releases of 2023.


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