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TWOFEW Featured in the Indie Talk Podcast for "Lips Blue"

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Indie Talk is excited to share independent music you won't find on mainstream radio featuring artists from around the world in multiple genres. Providing listeners with in-depth information on each artist and a spin of one their great songs, Indie Talk's "Artist Spotlight" has something for everyone. The March episode features a mix of music that includes adult contemporary, Americana, dance, hip hop, instrumental, jazz, pop-rock, rap, R & B, rock, and more. Dive in and discover new music!

Talk Podcast Guest Artists & Songs

  • TWOFEW - "Lips Blue"

  • Blind Perception - "Social Media Queen"

  • Dusty Joy - "Ha Ha Hysteria"

  • Danny Strimer -" Let Me Be Your Sunshine"

  • Beatrice Betley - "Upside Down"

  • Michael Lemmo -" Blue Comet"

  • RW Roldan - "Where My Money Goes"

  • Roxanne - "Don't Break My Heart"

  • Joseph Paul Brown - "What You Do"

Indie Talk Podcast "Artist Spotlight" special is available on major podcast outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit Indie Talk on WNIR Radio. Indie Talk is a division of WNIR Radio & BWH Music Group.


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