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APNEWS: TWOFEW Drops Debut Album “LIPS BLUE” -- Quickly Rises to Social Influencer Status

12/01/2023, Phoenix // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

TWOFEW ( ), has officially dropped their debut record, “LIPS BLUE,’' to much fanfare; cementing the band’s status as social influencers and attracting impressive critic reviews along the way.

A regional rock-and-roll act, TWOFEW was founded in 2018 by husband and wife duo, Michael (vocals and keys) and Danielle Lazar (bass). Shortly after its founding, the group added Michael’s older brother, David, on guitar. They’ve rounded out this four-piece band with the addition of their incoming drummer, Joe Gagnon, on percussion in 2023.

Following two years of hard work and effort in the studio, including two band trips to Nashville to record at a world renowned studio, and countless hours and sessions at Cygnill Studios in Mesa, Arizona, as well as at Let’s Rock Out Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, the band has finally completed what it set out to do: Create an anthemic, piano-driven rock album for the ages that will set the stage, style, tone and expectations for what lies ahead for this dynamic, piano-fronted, family rock band.

Previous to the record dropping, the foursome let loose several hot singles to test the waters, including one that received critical acclaim on Planet Singer, which recently wrote: “Iconic, brilliant, and unique, TWOFEW is back with two brand new excellent singles, ‘We Were Loud’ and ‘Feel,’ two songs that are gonna stay in your mind rent-free!”

Accompanying the record, the band has also released two music videos, “ The War ” and “ Fightin’ For ” -- both which help portray the horrors that come hand-in-hand with wartime; influenced by current, ongoing global conflicts that are taking place around the world. Both music videos have since gone viral on the Meta platform.

“From humble beginnings in an AirBnB on vacation in Sedona, AZ, when my wife, Danielle, and I, decided to form, TWOFEW, back in 2018 (when we were too few members shy of a fourpiece, hence the name), it’s quite exciting to see how far this act has come in a comparatively short period of time,” comments Michael Lazar, Lead Vocalist, Pianist, Lyricist and Founder of TWOFEW. “We’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs along the way, of course, but we keep pushing ahead with the addition of our new and highly experienced drummer in Joe Gagnon.”

Gagnon brings more than 35 years of experience to the band, replacing outgoing drummer John Sebring, who drummed, toured and recorded with the band on “LIPS BLUE” but had to depart subsequent to its release due to unrelated, personal reasons.

Post release, the record is already generating incredible fanfare, with Beach Sloth -- a well known artist review outlet, stating:

“TWOFEW delivers a spirited performance on the powerful piano-led ballads. Lyrics are the journey’s basis, with the expansive arrangements highlighting the reflective stance. Verses are formed through these deeply held stances, allowing the album a degree of gravitas.

By incorporating the true classics of rock, from the soaring guitars to the grandeur of the piano, it sidesteps trends for something eternal. Playing it loud is the only way to hear it, with the approach taking on an arena-filling magic as bursts of color punctuate each piece.

With this distinctive fashion, they bridge the gap between the origins of rock’s sound and the way forward.”

As far as what the future holds, the Lazars seem to have a pretty firm idea. When asked, Michael states: “We’re pushing the pedal to the metal -- it’s full steam ahead in TWOFEW Land! While we’re certainly thrilled about releasing this debut record, it’s just the beginning. We’re already in the thick of recording the second album -- and have been poking around and writing new tunes for record three. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

The band currently is hard at work recording their second record, “Lovestruck” -- which is slated for a mid-to-late 2024 release. They also plan to play shows and tour the festival circuit throughout the upcoming year as they support their new record and forthcoming releases.

You can learn more about TWOFEW and inquire about Booking by visiting them online at:

Or you can email their publicist at:


TWOFEW is an Arizona-based regional rock-and-roll band that features three family members: Michael Lazar (vocals and keys); Danielle Lazar (bass); and David Lazar (guitar); with incoming drummer, Joe Gagnon, on percussion. After releasing their debut record, “LIPSBLUE,” the band is currently hard at work on their second record, “Lovestruck,” which they plan on dropping in 2024 alongside a light tour schedule.


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