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Announcing the Shakedown Sessions – Nashville, 9.17-9.20.21

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

TWOFEW is excited to announce that we’re headed to Nashville to record with legendary producer and engineer, Dave Rouze (Rolling Stones; Brad Paisley), at his brand-new recording studio.

We’ll be cutting our newest single, LIPSBLUE, there as well as a few other new tracks that are in the works which include: "So Easy" and "I’ll Look After You."

Our Phoenix-based producer, Chris Lawrie, will also be coming along to help co-produce these tracks, with band members Michael Lazar (Vocals/Piano/Guitar), David Lazar (Guitar); Danielle Lazar (Bass Guitar), Mike Liebbe (Guitar) and John Grigsby (Drums) all ready to record like never before.

We’re hoping that we have something new from these sessions that you can listen to in late winter, 2021.

Until then, you can look forward to our newest single and forthcoming release, Fightin’ For, due out end of August.


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