8.31.21 – “Fightin’ For” - A Music Video 5 Years in the Making

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We are excited to announce our very first official music video: Fightin' For. It’s literally been five years in the making and covers the relationship of TWOFEW’s founders, Michael and Danielle Lazar, from early in their marriage up until the present day.

Look closely at the shots, and you will see that we shot the footage over several years, entailing the typical ups and downs of any relationship. We get older in it, literally. We gain tattoos. We change hairstyles. Most importantly, we grow as a couple.

“Fightin’ For” really did take 5 long years to make, and we couldn’t be more excited to drop this for you in the very near future.

This video featured:

  • Shot on location in Arizona

  • 15 sets and locations

  • More than 100 hours of production

  • 5 videographers

  • Several live shows

  • 3 separate castings

  • 1825 days in the making

Watch out for the release. It’s coming the end of August, 2021.